Monday, October 17, 2011

Cellphones & Brain cancer .....Why nobody told us that cellphones and their towers are silent killers " ?

What we as health experts know.... will the cellphone industry (who making millions on the unaware costumers) ...never tell you!

* Electro radiation /pollution disrupts our natural energy levels dramatically

* is triggering in our nervous systems stress responses that impair our natural
self heal abilities.

* the sperm count in man decreases up to 70% wile using a cellphone more than 5

* 2 hour EMF exposure/microwave radiation can lead to permanent DNA damage in the

* 40,000 to 50,000 new cases of brain tumors and eye cancer yearly
increasing attributed to cell phone use.

* Electropollution contributes to depression and mental energy depletion

* radiation from Laptops, cellphone , air traveling and household appliances (used
close to your body)causing fatigue and immune system weakness.

NOTE : The radiation penetration in a child's head after cell phone use is 50% higher then in adults as the child brain is still in development phases and very sensitive to radiation.
Dr. Charles Teo,(Australian Neurosurgeon)
" states there has been a 21% increase in brain tumours in children in recent years."

It’s official – Mobile radiation is dangerous and can cause cancer and still parents let children sleep with their cell phone's under their pillow !???

Please protect your self and your family!
Please place a mini Harmonizer on all cellphone in your household and laptops
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Kuma(bear in Japanese)sticker
Fully loaded with positive zero point energy to counteract
any form of negative energy.

Cell phones work like a mini microwave and heat the brain ( 4 degrees in 2 minutes )while users make and receive calls.

Cell phones scramble the brain and play havoc with our nervous system and we wonder why the youth is on bi polar drugs with 12 years of age ??
It could cause high blood pressure, which leads to strokes.

If cell phones are used for longer periods of time, they can damage long-term memory and even cause brain tumor

More about the serious Danger & health hazard "Cellphone radiation and electro radiation sickness symptoms :

On the other hand, cell towers are considered more harmful to people particularly those living within the radius of 500 metres as they continuously emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR) 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days an year .
Towers emit radio frequencies (RF), a form of EMR, for a distance as large as two miles and essentially the same frequency radiation as microwaves and microwave ovens.
Low levels of radiation emitted by mobile phone towers are harmful creating slow decrease of immunity and chronic ailment.

Scientists at the School of Public Health of Harvard University realized and confirmed that the radiation from cell phone towers is a serious health hazard.

Conscious Solutions :

Studies have shown that even low levels of radiation can cause brain tumor, cancer, depression, miscarriage, insomnia and Alzheimer’s disease, apart from damaging cell tissues and the DNA.
Many people will have disturbed sleep and headache. Immune system could be affected .
The nearby apartments could become very hot.

Television displays could show flickering images. Massive increase in radiation in the environment due to these towers has also been linked to increase in the incidence of diseases such as:

Asthma, learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, attention deficit disorder, autism, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, cataracts, hypothyroidism, diabetes, malignant melanoma, testicular cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

According to Dr. Howard Fischer, a Toronto-based researcher and clinician, "though the radiation one is exposed to during a mobile phone call is 10 times higher than exposure from a cell tower, just standing in a wi-fi enabled area is equal to talking on your mobile for 20 minute.
Radiation from mobile phones and towers poses serious health risks, including loss of memory, lack of concentration, disturbance in the digestive system and sleep disturbances, according to an inter-ministerial committee formed by the ministry of communications and information technology to study the hazards posed by mobile phones.

Phone cervice promoter may announce to us that the damages may not be lethal for humans, but they worse for birds and insects as well. The committee has attributed the radiation effects to the disappearance of butterflies, bees, insects and sparrows.

Please become aware and share this life and nature saving information with your beloved one's and friends!

Find a solution for your and your family and place harmonizer on all your eletronic devises :

more about the detailed side effects of cellphone and wireless laptop uses:

New experiments suggest a strong correlation between population decline and cellular equipment. The massive amount of radiation produced by towers and mobile phones is actually frying the navigational skills of the honey bees.


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